Operation L.I.P.S.T.I.C.K.:
Ladies Involved In Putting a Stop to Inner-City Killing

Research shows women provide many of the guns used in homicides and other violent crimes. Men who can’t pass background checks pressure, bribe and sweet-talk women into getting guns for them.

No one has addressed this problem – until now. (Download Fact Sheet here)

LIPSTICK gives women and girls the education, peer support and confidence to say no! We refuse to be used to take a life.

Operation LIPSTICK—and our girls’ program LIPGLOSS—use peer-to-peer education and leadership development models to inform women and girls about the dangers of buying, hiding and holding guns illegally, showcase positive role models, and change high-risk behaviors.

LIPSTICK is women helping women keep guns out of the wrong hands and make their neighborhoods safer today.


    • Workshops & Outreach

    • Peer Leadership
    • Mentoring
    • Community Organizing
    • Strength & Support

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“Women might not be pulling the trigger, but by providing the gun, they could be contributing to someone’s death. We’re putting it on blast. We will no longer allow ourselves to be used this way.”

— Kim Odom, Pastor, True Vine Church and mother of Steven Odom, murdered with an illegally trafficked gun at age 13

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