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Operation L.I.P.S.T.I.C.K.:
Ladies Involved In Putting a Stop to Inner-City Killing

Research shows women provide many of the guns used in homicides and other violent crimes. Men who can’t pass background checks pressure, bribe and sweet-talk women into getting guns for them.

No one has addressed this problem – until now. (Download Fact Sheet here)

LIPSTICK gives women and girls the education, peer support and confidence to say no! We refuse to be used to take a life.

Operation LIPSTICK—and our girls’ program LIPGLOSS—use peer-to-peer education and leadership development models to inform women and girls about the dangers of buying, hiding and holding guns illegally, showcase positive role models, and change high-risk behaviors.

LIPSTICK is women helping women keep guns out of the wrong hands and make their neighborhoods safer today.


    • Workshops & Outreach

    • Peer Leadership
    • Mentoring
    • Community Organizing
    • Strength & Support

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