In a blog post on October 2 the Boston Police Department’s official website and blog,, stated that there are 900 fewer guns on the streets of Boston due to their efforts to take illegal crime guns out of the hands of criminals. You can read their post here:

BPD took 515 illegal guns off the street in 2014 and 667 guns in 2013. Their  gun buyback Program netted 385 guns.

900 Hundred Fewer Guns & Counting: In the calendar year 2014, the men and women of the Boston Police Department have taken 515 illegal crime guns off the streets of Boston.  A crime gun is defined as an illegal firearm used in the commission of a crime or confiscated in the course of an arrest. In addition to the above, 385 guns have been voluntarily turned in by community members taking advantage of the Boston Gun Buyback Program. As of October 1, 2014, there are 900 fewer guns in circulation as a result of the above efforts. “When we took office, Mayor Walsh and I made taking guns off the streets of Boston our priority,” said Commissioner William Evans. “We are proud of the tireless efforts of the men and women of this department and the citizens of Boston who have made our city safer by removing 900 guns from the streets.” For perspective purposes, the BPD seized a total of 667 guns for the year in 2013. 

We applaud and support the department’s efforts to keep our community safe. 

We also want to know:  where do all these crime guns come from? Will you help us hold disreputable gun dealers and other sources accountable by asking “Where did the gun come from?” after every shooting? 

We want to hear from you!  Where do you think the guns come from?  What else can the police and citizens do to prevent violent gun crime?  Let us know what you think by leaving a comment under our post and sharing this with you friends.