It’s been a busy Women’s History Month for team LIPSTICK this March. We had another successful monthly leadership training and were invited to present to dozens of local groups. We received awards and engaged in key partnerships that will help us make our streets safer. On March 25th, we held a special educational briefing with Mayor Walsh and 30+ Boston business leaders. Scroll down to check out our pics and see all the activity.

In the coming months, we want the community to get to know our LIPSTICK Ladies. You’ll see us out in the community and becoming more active online. Let’s all Turn Up Awareness on how we can stop the violence now.


We began March with our monthly meeting at the Grove Hall Library entitled, “Women Hold the Key.” We’re educating women about the dangers and consequences of hiding, holding or purchasing guns for others who can’t get guns legally. We introduced a new role play exercise and saw how easily women can be seduced by love or financial gain to do things they know they shouldn’t—like buy guns for someone else.


​Kim Odom, leading an Iron Pipeline Demonstration with guests.

​ LIPSTICK Lady Liz and a gentleman leading a role play on how some women are sweet-talked into purchasing guns for their boyfriends.


LIPSTICK leaders Kim Odom & Ruth Rollins headed over Wellesley College to do a presentation for women as part of International Woman’s Day. They also visited a youth program in Roxbury called Youth Opportunity Unlimited, where they spoke to young women about the importance of raising self-esteem. We have learned through our work that many young women who are battling poor self-esteem issues and financial pressures are often targeted by gun traffickers. Lipstick Ladies Paulette, Linda, Judy, and Patricia helped us bring the message home.


​LIPSTICK at Wellesley College


LIPSTICK at Youth Opportunity Unlimited

We collaborated with ABCD Boston’s “Safer is Sexy” Campaign on March 19th and presented information to over 150 attendees at the their National HIV/AIDS Awareness Day for women of color entitled “Women and Girls Matter.” The event featured speakers, information tables, presentations, food and entertainment. After presenting and leading an Iron Pipeline presentation, LIPSTICK Lady Liz made a quick social media plug to encourage people to share LIPSTICK’s messages and ask “Where did the gun come from?”

The “Safer is Sexy” campaign is focused on HIV/AIDS education. It appeals to a younger population who may be at high risk of becoming affected and infected with the deadly virus. The highly successful event helped us connect the dots and focus on the exploitation of women in all of its forms.

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11081411_623596804437710_7448800177968449797_n​Ruth Rollins Making a Presentation

On March 28th, Ruth Rollins and Kim Odom accepted Community Service Awards at the 7th Annual African-American Ball at the Yawkey Club of Roxbury from the Tabitha International Ministries. They are being honored for their work to prevent young people from getting shot or going to jail. Also in attendance were LIPSTICK Ladies Queen, Judy, Shante, Lee Ann and Paulette.

Awardees also included news anchor Latoya Edwards, Boston Police Superintendent William G, Gross, Roxbury Entrepreneur and Founder of Diamond Girls, Kaidi Grant.



If you would like to collaborate with LIPSTICK, have us present or attend a monthly meeting please contact us: info@citizensforsafety.o