Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley touted LIPSTICK’s success in an article published in the Boston Globe, excerpted below:


DA Conley highlights LIPSTICK in speech to 40,000 medical professionals

He pointed to one such grassroots campaign: Operation LIPSTICK, which stands for Ladies Involved in Putting a Stop to Inner City Killings. The women who run LIPSTICK target young women who are susceptible to being recruited into making straw purchases of guns later used in crimes.

Conley sent prosecutors out with LIPSTICK workers to talk to women in beauty parlors, nail salons, and other places where women congregate to talk about the effects of gun violence and the legal consequences for women who buy, carry or store crime guns.

“The result was a reversal of a rising trend of female defendants charged with weapons offenses,” said Conley. Between 2011 and 2013, according to data from his office, gun prosecutions fell 9 percent overall but among women, they fell by about 30 percent.

“Consider what we might gain from the combined effect of sensible legislation, properly funded medical and statistical research, and a national public awareness campaign like the one we ran here in Boston,” Conley said.