The Boston Globe reported that Boston’s law enforcement agencies will open the area’s first Crime Gun Intelligence Center. LIPSTICK’s catch phrase, Where Did the Gun Come From? was used multiple times in the Globe article, evidence that our message is spreading.

“For the longest time, the question has always been, ‘where do the guns come from?’ ” said Boston Police Superintendent Robert Merner, head of the department’s Bureau of Investigative Services, who recently toured the Denver ATF site with investigators.He said police are seeing quicker “time to crime” periods, in which guns that are purchased in other states are being used in Boston crimes, and he said the Intelligence Center could help identify waves of gun smuggling.“We start working on the gun right away, where did the gun come from,” he said.

The Boston Police Dept.  and State Police, along with ATF ( The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco , Firearms and Explosives) and other local law enforcement agencies will collaborate to trace guns used in crime.  The center is said to be  “a warehouse of gun-tracking technology that could help authorities more quickly identify such gun smuggling: A way to trace guns, who has them, how they got them, how many more are out there, and whether they were used in a crime.”

Officials shared the story of 31 year old Stanley Earl Jenkins, Jr. from Boston who smuggled more than 40 guns into Boston. The “Transporter,” as they called him, bought guns in Maine in exchange for crack-cocaine. The article also stated he used ” straw purchasers” to buy the guns for him.  Jenkins was sentenced to more than 17 years in prison in 2009.

The case of Stanley Jenkins underscores the need for LIPSTICK. We shine a spotlight on the sources of guns used in crime and prevent straw buyers from putting guns in the hands of convicted felons. 

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Do you think it’s a good idea to ask “Where did the gun come from?’ after every shooting? Do you think stopping the flow of crime guns at the source will help save lives? Will you pledge to ask, “Where did the gun come from?” Tell us what you’re thinking.