Project LIPSTICK was thrilled to accept a $5,000 award from Chicken of the Sea as part of their Great American Gratitude Tour. LIPSTICK Ladies were at Faneuil Hall on Saturday, August 30th to receive a check from Chicken of the Sea’s Mermaid. This was a fun event–to address a very serious problem in communities across this country.

Just last weekend in Boston, we had a tragic reminder of LIPSTICK’s importance. A young woman, Dawnn Jaffier, was killed with a gun that never should have been on the streets.

LIPSTICK provides a ray of hope. We know we can break cycles of violence by always asking “Where did the gun come from?” and warning friends and neighbors not to provide guns to people who can’t get them legally.

Thank you Chicken of the Sea, and all of our funders and supporters, for making LIPSTICK possible.

Here are some awesome pictures of our afternoon .

                                                                     LIPSTICK Ladies collect $5,000 award from Chicken of the Sea.

                                                                LIPSTICK Ladies joined by Boston Street workers ,Kyanna and Monique.


                                                             Pastor Kim Odom, of Project LIPSTICK puts some lipstick on Chicken of the Sea Mermaid.