This will be our last workshop for the summer.  Operation LIPSTICK will host its monthly workshop this Saturday, June 7, 10 AM to noon at the Grove Hall Library at 51 Geneva Ave. in Dorchester.  Please join us as we share information about the risks of buying, hiding and holding guns for someone else.  These are the guns that are sending our loved ones to the grave or prison.  We can take action NOW to prevent the next shooting.  We believe women can be instruments of change, instead of instruments of violence. 

Workshops give you and your neighbors a chance to learn how we can disrupt the Iron Pipeline that pumps guns into our communities.  They also give you a chance to share your experiences, insights and suggestions on how we can create safer communities together. 

It is our goal to utilize this blog space answer questions raised at the workshops and continue the conversation with people in other communities who may be experiencing the same things we are.  Hope to see you Sat., June 7th, 10am at the Grove Hall Public Library. 

Traffick Jam at Bowdoin Street Health Center, Boston

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