The article, “How Boston Communities Cope with Gun Violence,” follows Boston families devastated by gun violence and points to LIPSTICK as one way to reduce death, trauma and incarceration. Article excerpt:

Leaders of Citizens for Safety, which created Operation LIPSTICK, discovered years ago a little-known fact: many of the guns used in urban crimes can be traced back to women.“We ask, ‘Where did the gun come from?’ after every shooting to expand awareness beyond the shooter to the criminal transaction that put the gun in the wrong hands to begin with,” said Executive Director Nancy Robinson. “Mobilizing people to ask this question will change customs, practices and laws that flood our streets with crime guns.” Operation LIPSTICK seeks to change attitudes among women who are sometimes unwittingly exploited by friends and significant others to buy or hold a firearm for them. Citizens for Safety developed the program in 2012 after a study published in the 2010 Journal of Urban Health revealed that women figure disproportionately among straw purchasers — those who buy a gun for someone legally prohibited from owning one. 

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