Most students are happy to get out of a class with an A and some solid experience. Students in Cathy Edelstein’s class are hoping for at least $8,000 and an end to women straw-purchasing guns.

The 22 students in Nonprofit Fundraising have spent the semester planning a gala for Operation LIPSTICK, a Boston-based organization that works in the community to educate women and prevent them from buying firearms and holding weapons for men who can’t pass background checks to buy their own….

Operation LIPSTICK (Ladies Involved in Putting a Stop to Inner-City Killing), a project of the nonprofit Citizens for Safety, recently was featured in People magazine, and is in the middle of taking its proven methodology to partners on the ground in New York City and Oakland/San Francisco, California.

Suffolk DA Dan Conley has credited the program with a 33 percent drop in gun crimes by women; gun crimes in this case being primarily straw purchasing weapons.

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