Operation LIPSTICK was invited to participate in Amnesty International’s 2014 Eastern Regional Conference Saturday,October 24th at Boston University. More than 600 activists attended to network, learn and build their skills, with a special emphasis this year on the power of women to create social change. LIPSTICK Field Director, Kim Odom, helped lead a panel discussion and talked about ways LIPSTICK leverages the power of women to stop gun trafficking. Kim shared the panel with Sarah Clements, whose mother survived the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, and Michael Curry, President of the Boston branch of the NAACP.

Kim did a great job presenting LIPSTICK. She talked about LIPSTICK’s mission to prevent women and girls from providing guns to people who can’t get guns legally. She described the importance of educating women and girls about the serious consequences of buying, hiding and carrying guns for someone else. She also urged people to ask “Where did the gun come from?” after every shooting to shine a spotlight on the sources of guns used in crime.

Our tireless Program Director, Ruth Rollins, and our wonderful intern Shante were also there to answer questions, hand out materials, recruit supporters, and encourage women to sign a pledge to never engage in illegal gun activity. Bravo ladies!

Freedom from gun violence is a  basic human right. Kudos to Amnesty International for  a timely and important conference.