LIPSTICK was featured at a Bridgewater State University conference entitled, Targeting The Truth About Gun Violence & Gun Control. The event was hosted by the Department of Criminal Justice. 

The goal of the conference was to talk about the complex realties of gun violence. Topics included the availability of guns in American society, stressors of life in economically depressed neighborhoods, gun violence in urban communities, Second Amendment perspectives on gun violence and gun control, school-based shootings, federal gun policies, and solutions.

According to feedback from conference presenters and attendees, LIPSTICK was one of the only programs to offer practical, concrete solutions to prevent shootings in urban neighborhoods. LIPSTICK Directors Ruth Rollins and Kim Odom led a panel discussion on urban gun violence and shed light on the role women and girls play in putting guns in the wrong hands. Their eye-opening presentation sparked a lively conversation, especially among the more than 300 college students who attended. 

LIPSTICK Ladies Shante and Queen were also on hand to distribute information about women and guns, recruit LIPSTICK supporters, and invite young people to take a pledge not to buy, hide or hold guns for someone else. 

One question kept coming up: Why does the media focus more on mass shootings in the suburbs than on shootings in urban neighborhoods? What do you think is the answer? 

unnamed-14Brockton youth workers conduct “ThePowerofOne” to depict how guns are trafficked into urban communities