Operation LIPSTICK introduced a new and highly successful Social Media curriculum in May at the Grove Hall Library. The  training was led by LIPSTICK’s Social Media Coordinator, Liz Miranda. The goal of the workshop was to train LIPSTICK Ladies and other supporters on how to use social media to share LIPSTICK’s message and prevent women from being victimized by gun traffickers. 

Attendees learned: 

  • What is Social Media and why is it an important educational and organizing tool 
  • What are LIPSTICK’s messages to share on Social Media 
  • How to use their own Social Media networks to check in at locations, share pictures and articles, tweet messages and post on Facebook and Instagram.

Audience members actually began using their social media to make posts right there in the workshop.

 To learn more how you can use your Social Media to share LIPSTICK’s messages and warn others not to straw buy guns, please email: info@citizensforsafety.org  or find us online on Facebook or Twitter by searching for Project LIPSTICK. You can find us on Instagram by searching for Operation Lipstick. You can also always find us by looking up our hashtag  for our key phrase: Where Did the Gun Come From? #wheredidtheguncomefrom.  We look forward to connecting with you online!