LIPSTICK’s executive director was quoted in an article on a new initiative by Boston Mayor Martin Walsh to curb the flow of crime guns. 

From the article:
Nancy Robinson, executive director of the Ladies Involved in Putting a Stop to Inner-City Killings [LIPSTICK] campaign, discussed how new programs need to address the role of women in holding and purchasing illegal guns. 

“Our understanding is that the vast majority — 90 to 100 percent — of guns used in shootings on the street comes from illegal markets,” Robinson said. “Any and all efforts to disrupt that illegal gun trade will save lives, and that’s why LIPSTICK is focused on disrupting the way the guns are flowing into communities like Boston.”

Robinson said the partnership will bring the necessary attention to gun trafficking in Boston.

“This partnership will strengthen the Boston Police Department’s approach to stopping the flow of illegal guns because it will draw more attention to it,” Robinson said. “LIPSTICK is one tool, a very effective tool, but we need every tool at our disposal to try to stop the flow of these guns.”