The Trace online news journal featured LIPSTICK again.Kansas Shooter’s Ex-Girlfriend Pawned the Murder Weapon describes how suspected shooter Cedric Ford forced his ex-girlfriend to supply him with the guns he used to kill 3 people at the Excel Industries factory February 25. The article underscores the need for LIPSTICK’s programs that protect vulnerable women from being exploited in this way. 

Excerpted from the article: “Women often function as straw purchasers for their boyfriends or husbands, who, like Ford, may have a criminal record that makes it impossible for them to pass a background check.

‘Kansas is just the latest example of what’s going on across the country every day,’ says Nancy Robinson, executive director of Operation LIPSTICK, a nonprofit devoted to combating straw purchasing by women. ‘It’s a relationship-based crime. Women, who in many cases are getting abused, are exploited, forced into buying guns for their men.’