New England Cable News covered LIPSTICK’s special event, “Honoring Our Loved Ones: A Celebration of Life,” in Washington Park Sunday, excerpted here:

One of the issues that LIPSTICK targets is women who buy or hold guns for men – it’s called “straw buying,” and it happens here in Boston.

“Our mission is ‘Refuse to be used to take a life.’ What does that mean? Don’t allow anyone to influence you to do something that you know is wrong, that at the end of the day, someone’s life is going to either be harmed or taken by that gun,” said Kim Odom, LIPSTICK Field Director.

“We need to work with that family, the mother who lost her son to a life in prison for pulling the trigger,” said Ruth Rollins, LIPSTICK Program Director. “Because I believe if we can empower her and lift her up, we can give her some hope so the cycle of violence will stop in her household.”

See the full coverage with video here.