The New York Times featured LIPSTICK: Don’t mess with these mothers fighting gun violence.

In a segment called “Solution Shapers,” the NYT article covered LIPSTICK’s appearance on stage at Lincoln Center for the Women in the World Conference organized by publisher Tina Brown. LIPSTICK representative Pastor Kim Odom talked about the shooting death of her 13-year-old son Steven P. Odom and her quest for solutions that led her to LIPSTICK. 

From the article: 
“It’s common in many crimes:Guns purchased by women are two times more likely to be used in a crime as gun purchased by a man. Women buyers often are coerced or intimidated by significant others unable to buy weapons because of prior records. LIPSTICK: Ladies Involved in Putting a Stop to Inner City Killing, the organization Odom founded after her 13-year-old son was killed after playing basketball outside of his Massachusetts home, has campaigned against straw buying to highlight the high price women—especially minority women—can pay when buying guns for men.”

LIPSTICK partner Dorothy Johnson-Speight, founder of Mothers in Charge, was also on stage with Pastor Odom. Ms. Johnson-Speight shared her story of her son Khaaliq, who was shot and killed with a gun illegally purchased by the shooter’s abused girlfriend. 

“The link between straw purchasing of guns by women and domestic violence is just one of the many ties between male-on-female violence and easy access to guns. But for Johnson-Speight, it’s a factor that hits close to home. The woman who purchased the gun that killed Khaaliq was being abused by her boyfriend, who pulled the trigger.

[These mothers] spend each day recovering from the trauma of a bullet. They have made attempts at healing within their communities. Now they’re fighting back on a national scale to prevent others from enduring such loss.”