Ever wonder what happens at one of our Leadership Trainings? Come on in!

LIPSTICK held successful monthly trainings the first Saturdays in September and October at the Grove Hall Library. The next one is November 1 at 10 AM.

We’re grateful for the many women at the trainings who work for social service agencies that provide resources and support for girls and women. Our trainings often attract specialists in the fields of addiction, sexual exploitation, anti-violence, trauma-reducation and mental health. These experts have become some of LIPSTICK’s staunchest supporters. They tell us they appreciate the opportunity to learn about risk factors that could turn their clients into gun violence victims and accomplices.

Women tell us the trainings offer many epiphanies–we like to call them “Ah hah!” moments. One “Ah hah! moment comes after we’ve done one of our “Iron Pipeline” demonstrations that depict how illegal guns travel from gun dealer to the streets. The Pipeline demo, called “The Power of One,” is a great way to learn how we can stop shootings by going after the sources of illegally trafficked guns. We can teach you how to share “The Power of One” with your friends and colleagues. It’s quick, easy, and so eye opening. Reach one, teach one!

Some of our biggest allies are Boston Police officers who have brought their own friends and family to our trainings.  They provide information on cases involving women and girls who were used to hide, hold and purchase guns for men. We at Lipstick, do want to encourage all citizens to ask, Where Did the Gun Come From?, After each gun crime, but we are also committing to helping women take the pledge to not hide, hold or purchase guns for anyone.

To sign our pledge, you can click here: http://www.operationlipstick.org/operation-lipstick/
We always say, “It takes a village to save lives.”  Trainings provide support to families and encouragement to girls and women. Standing together, we take a pledge to “refuse to be used to take a life.” The trainings are an important way we can continue to make connections with women, for women, to protect everyone from gun violence. 

October’s workshop was a mix of seasoned LIPSTICK Ladies and newcomers who joined together to explore the theme of “The Power Of We.” Many of the women discussed their personal experiences that brought them to LIPSTICK and how inspired they are to be a part of the growing LIPSTICK family. We feel good about sharing important information that keeps young people out of jail and keeps them from being shot.