Ashley Judge, a 27-year-old Delaware woman, received 5-10 years in a correctional facility for her role as a “straw purchaser.”

Judge was the second woman in Delaware County, Pennsylvania to receive the new mandatory minimum for illegal gun transfers under the new Brad Fox Law. The law was named for a Plymouth Township police officer who was killed by a man wielding an illegally obtained handgun.

In June and July of 2013, Judge made false statements in forms used to purchase guns illegally for other individuals. She purchased two guns for two different individuals with criminal records. She was paid $150 for the first gun and $250 for the second. Why did she do it? She said she needed the money for Percocet and baby diapers. 

Although Judge pleaded for  a lighter sentence because she has two small children at home, she still received the minimum mandatory.

The Assistant District Attorney trying the case told jurors it was a “classic case of straw purchase.” 

Do you believe women like Judge deserves to be sentenced for  straw purchasing? How much time should she serve? Is there a better way to reach women like Ashley Judge before she risks jail time and before the gun ends up in the wrong hands? 

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