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In most shootings, men are pulling the trigger. But women are supplying many of the guns.

Men who can’t buy guns legally convince women to straw purchase, carry and hold guns for them.

The Iron Pipeline: How women are ussed to bring guns into inner cities

LIPSTICK disrupts the Iron Pipeline

LIPSTICK is women leading the way, helping daughters, sisters, friends, colleagues, and neighbors say:

We will no longer allow ourselves to be exploited. We refuse to be used to take a life.

When a man tells a woman, “buy this gun for me,” she will say “NO.”

When he says, “hide this gun for me,” she’ll know she would be enabling violence and risks going to jail.

When he says “you’d do it if you loved me,” she’ll know that’s not what love looks like.

LIPSTICK empowers women to reduce gun violence in their communities.

“I’ve been telling Hillary Clinton and anyone who will listen– LIPSTICK is the right fix.”

Ayanna Pressley-Boston City Councilor and LIPSTICK Board Member

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